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We use a smart parser to scan through all your Word Documents to store your legal clauses, documents and know-how, with an index to easily search for information. It's supported by a Word Plugin for editing and re-using the clauses in the library.

Limitless Contract Management

Smart AI Scanner

We detect headings and corresponding paragraphs without requiring users to make entries one by one.

Great security

The application is Microsoft Verified and it's based on Amazon Cloud security service.

Word Plugin

Optimize your current workspace of choice and capitalize on the work you have already done.

Value proposition

Each employee is spending on average 9.3hours per week to search for information (Mckinsey & Co., 2012). That means 20% of working hours is not contributing any value, but busy searching for answers. With rising employment cost, reducing time to search for information can be a great solution.

How are we different?

Firstly, we provide accurate scanning of documents of up to 95% accuracy. Your old templates are accurately broken down into contract sections and individual clauses and added to a library secure to the firm.

Secondly, no questionnaires or programming required from your side. Complexity has been reduced by excluding the use of complicated questionnaires and the need for programming by users within our tool.

How does it work?

OptiLegal is a library on a firm basis like a private google for legal information. We provide an in-built digital legal clause library built by scanning through templates based on natural language processing supported by an intuitive Microsoft-verified word plugin and drop-and-drop functionality.

Additional benefits

Our digital library can help you reduce onboarding time of new employees. Instead of spending 6-9 months to teach a new staff, the person can check constantly information in the database and pick up the tasks in 3 months based on our survey.

It also improves quality of work for your firm and brings better result. Previous works of the team can be accessed, utilized and learned from, therefore improving the quality of contracts within your firm as a whole.

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