Who are we?
We are a spin-off startup from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). We are now a team of eight people supported by three advisors. Our background is very diverse as we have people from Denmark, France, USA, and Asia. One of our founders is a Danish lawyer who has 30 years of industry experience.

How are we different?
Unlike most legal tech providers which provide their templates to you, we allow you to re-use your own work by scanning through previous documents, saving each individual clause into your database, searching it from one central library, and then drag-and-drop that clause during the editing process. Instead of opening 5-10 documents at the same time to look for comments and inspirations, our system grants you access to all the previous documents in the entire firm in one place. Also, we do not use questionnaire, nor do we require you to write questionnaire to automate contracts. It’s often time-consuming to spend a few hours to automate a type of contract, and we completely abandon that old method.

How does OptiLegal work?
The OptiLegal plugin optimizes your current workspace of choice (e.g. MS. Word or our online editor) by providing you with a wide library of legal clause suggestions, suitable for your contract from your own previous works, documents within your firm, or from external sources.

What value do we bring to you?
“Employees spend 9.3 hours per week searching and gathering information” (Mckinsey report, 2012). Meaning that if you had five employees, only four would show up to work. The fifth would be busy searching for answers, but not contributing any value. With OptiLegal, such time wasted on searching and gathering information will be drastically reduced, and productivity will be improved. In addition, it’s an excellent knowledge tool that helps to ensure quality control. The junior lawyers can easily investigate and learn from works of senior lawyers, therefore improving the quality of drafting and comments for the firm.

How do we ensure data security?
We are using Amazon Web Service’s cloud solution and its security service to host our server in Stockholm. We comply with the GDPR policy within the European Union and we have a security expert on the team to monitor data security.

Interesting in a trial?
Please send us an email to david@optilegal.io. We look forward to hearing from you!